Problème installation FixCBDFirmware

J'essaye d'installer

avec le Plugin Manager

J'ai le message suivant :


Avez-vous une idée pour solutionner le problème ?

Hi there :smiley: Welcome to the OctoPrint forum. I think you'll generally have better luck in here if it's possible for you to write in english, though this particular issue is easy enough to get from the issue, future ones might not be as easy. I don't speak french, and I don't trust Google Translate enough to attempt to copy paste from there :stuck_out_tongue: So I hope you're comfortable with english;

I don't personally know much about this issue, but I see there are a few other threads on here on this issue;

Some of the fixes people suggest, and that seem to work for some, are;

  • check the power supply for the Pi; often best to use an official one, and it must have enough power
  • some suggest making sure the USB cable going from Pi to printer doesn't give the printer 5v power to the pi (see this; Put tape on the 5V pin - Why and how)

The first solution; checking the power supply seems to be the one most people get this fixed on. Good luck :slight_smile:

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