Throttled system

What is the problem?

I want to install some updates on my OctoPi, but the system does not allow me to do so because 'the system is throttled'.

Error message:

'The system OctoPrint is running on is currently throttled. Due to that it's not possible to install new plugins in order to avoid possible issues caused by system instability.'

'OctoPrint is running on a throttled system, updates are disabled.
To reduce the likelihood of running into update problems on throttled and hence potentially unstable systems as seen in the past, OctoPrint doesn't support updating under such conditions. Please fix the current issue before trying to update. Take a look at the displayed warning in the navigation bar to learn about what is wrong and to get hints on how to solve the problem.'

What did you already try to solve it?

I restarded my Raspberyy Pi and reconnected to Octopi.


octoprint_log.log (58.8 KB)

Additional information about your network

I am running Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi 3B module which is conencted through wifi. The Raspberry is connected to my Anet A8 printer by USB cable. I am able to connect to my printer and print stuff.

The system raspberry pi reports that it is not getting sufficient power (and/or is getting too hot). If this happens while writing things to the SD card, the file system may get corrupted. So it would be a bad idea to update things until the power issue is fixed.

Diagnose the power issue: what sort of power supply do you use? A phone charger is not a power supply. Cables (from the PSU to the Pi or even from the Pi to the printer) may also affect power issues. And finally, your printer may be "taking" too much current from your Pi, in which case a carefully placed piece of tape may help.

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I recently experienced throttling on my rpi3+. Was using 2.5A 5V power adapter. I changed to another 2.5 A adapter and the throttling issue went away. - except throttling still occurred during startup of rpi. I then used the tape solution to stop the rpi from powering printer LCD when printer is off. I believe that stopped all throttling. So, 100% agree with fielOfView.

If both printer and Pi come up on the same power outlet (with switch) what you might try is to insert a boot_delay in Raspbian of two seconds to allow the printer board's power to become stable.

Hi There, Thanks for the reply, can you please provide either a photo or exact description of where/how to carefully places the tape

See Put tape on the 5V pin - Why and how

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Hi, together! I had the problem today and found the solution quite easy.

I am using a 3A!! 5V plug power supply from my DJI Mavic Mini drone.

But at first I used an older relatively thin black USB Cable and got that warning message.
I then swapped the USB cable to the original DJI cable and the message was gone.

So maybe that could be an option form those who have a 2A + power supply.

Hello @WaldMaker

Are you sure it is a power supply and not a charger?
BTW: What Pi?

Well it's a 5V Plug Type power supply with an USB outlet .
The charge logic is in the battery case. But yes, the original purpose is to charge the three batteries.
My observation was mainly about the cable.

PI? PI 3 B+

...hence, it's a charger not an adapter.

Buy an official power adapter for the Pi.

I use official 3A Pi power supply with tape on 5V pin and Pi 3B + Pi Camera with IR sensors + Telegram plugin. But the system is undervoltage and throttled.

Even when no usb device is connected?

Yes. Only Ender-3 is connected by USB.

I mean without the ender connected :slight_smile:
If the pi only throttles when it is connected try this