Sidewinder X1 refuses all Commands like move z or heat bed

What is the problem?

Hi, i installed Octoprint the first time and i can connect to the printer without Problems, but when i do any command (e.g. lift Z up or heat the bed) i get an error (see Screenshot). My Marlin is the latest 2.0.53 (i think) and there is no sd card or usb drive plugged into the printer.

Octoprint is updated to the latest version and there is no plugin installed.

Please let me know if you need additional Information


Is the printer turned on?

oh, i didn't notice its turned off (the power switch), because the display was turned on. So how do i handle that? // do i have to install a master slave solution and octoprint ip wakeup? or is there any octoprint solution // whats the sense of turning on the screen and controllers, but not the Rest of the system?

I personally like the tasmota solution.
There are wifi "smart" plugs which you can buy for example on amazon which you can flash with an open source firmware called tasmota.
Then you install the tasmota plugin in octoprint and it does the rest for you

I recommend the gosund sp1

Tell me if you like to buy one and I'll give you additional information

Your printer is powered via usb. I doesn't deliver enough power to drive the whole printer - but it's enough for the board and the screen :slight_smile:
If you want to prevent that - read this


Yeah. It makes sense. I see the point. Thanks for your large information output! I think I need to check all existing plugins and so on.

There are few of those IoT power plugins that I wrote (thanks @PrintedWeezl for the shout out on Tasmota) including Tasmota, Wemo, TPLink, and there are a couple of others like PSU Control (direct GPIO control to a PSU) and a couple of other IoT ones based loosely on mine. I personally use the TPLink one, but there is a chance because of firmware updates that the plugin could get broken in the future. With the Tasmota based devices you don't have to worry about that so much as it disconnects the device from talking to the internet/central server and you update it when you want to.

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yeah, i tried the psu plugin for gcode commands and my printer wont do it. So there is the tasmota or an intern relay solution. Is it easy to install tasmota on the plug? I saw a lot soldering videos. And i dont want to put there so much effort in

You need something like a pc atx power supply in order to have the PSU Control plugin working.

Well it depends - if you got a plug with an older exploitable firmware you can do it via a raspberry script. But I can't guarantee that you got such a plug - if it's not exploitable you have to flash the firmware via soldered on wires.
That would look like this