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Y Axis randomly stops mid Print - Ender 5 Silent

Considering that only people with the Ender 5 1.1.5 silent boards have so far run into this, I'd say it sounds more like either a firmware or a printer batch issue. As I already said, based on the logs that were shared so far, OctoPrint is sending the commands it needs to send. Something on the printer's side then stops doing what these commands say and does something else instead. Either that, or the commands don't go through correctly (undervoltage?) in which case it would be fairly unexpected to only affect one single axis however.

The case of the problem wandering along with the motor sounds like a hardware issue, could be that this only looks like the same issue but is an actual mechanical problem.

Different firmware might be an idea, and I'd also suggest to replicate the experiment of swapping the X/Y axis to see if the problem moves with the motor or stays on the axis.

SD card printing doesn't involve checksums, so switching those off temporarily could also give insights, in case there's a parser bug in the firmware regarding the checksums.

Also check for undervoltage and increased communication errors.

Thank you! I'll try those things before changing Marlin firmware. Is there a resource I can refer to regarding turning off the checksums?

Settings > Serial Connection > Firmware & protocol. There disable automatic firmware detection and set checksums to "Never":

Note that this will mean there will be no error detection and recovery possible, so if a transmission error happens between OctoPrint and the printer, it won't be possible for the firmware to detect that and request a retransmission.

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Hi @OutsourcedGuru and @foosel i doubt this is a hardware fault as in faulty steppers, or cables, or tension etc. The reason I say this is and like we are all saying, printing from SD works 100%. I have now done 2 x 48Hour prints without a problem on my Ender 5 so I believe I am save to save to say the mechanics are fine. This is also not the only successful print, every single print via SD and there has been many has been successful unless it has been something else like power cuts or Filament.

@foosel as you have mentioned and agree this seems to be and issue printing through USB (Serial) unfortunately this is with OctoPrint doing it in this case.

I will try your suggestions further down in the thread and advise on the outcome.

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Doing a web search for "ender 5 y axis" turns up threads like this, this, this (many more Y limit switches not working), this.

@OutsourcedGuru Thanks for your message, but we are not trying to resolve other issues here and as the person who started the thread I can relate to what all the other people are experiencing, I am not saying there aren't any other issues with the printers but for this problem, the issues in the links is not relevant and also not what we are experiencing. This is also not my first printer nor the first time using OctoPrint

I went ahead and updated the Firmware to Marlin 1.1.9 Bugfix and updated the buffer size on the serial connection to 16. Bad troubleshooting on my part as now it will be hard to tell what fixed the issue. I just finished a small test print that failed before and it printed out just fine. I'm going to run that file a couple more times to see if the upgrade in firmware and Buffer increased fixed the issue.

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I've printed four or five object since upgrading to marlin 1.1.9 bugfix and increasing the serial buffers from 4 to 16. No issues to report.


Hi @ld2003 Thanks for the feedback, I am in contact with Creality to get the Marlin 1.1.8 they are running on the Ender 5 v1.1.5 board to only increase the serial buffer, and re-upload if I have no luck with that I will upgrade to 1.1.9 Bugfix. Did you use Teaching Tech's Youtube Vid - Ender 5 bootloader and Marlin update and just updated the the below in Configuration_adv.h from 4 to 16 before upload.

// The ASCII buffer for serial input
#define MAX_CMD_SIZE 96
#define BUFSIZE 4

I used Kersey Fabrications on youtube to guide me with the upgrade. I changed both at the same time, so I'm not 100 sure what solved the issue for me. I can report that I haven't had the issue happen again and I've been running the printer very hard. to answer your question, that was the correct line to change #define BUFSIZE 4 and i changed it from 4 to 16.

I'm having the same issue, but it's with the X axis.
I've got an Ender 5 with the 1.1.5 silent board, and I'm running Marlin 1.1.9.

Mine fails this way using Octoprint, the SD card, or print straight from Cura to the printer using a USB cable.It prints the skirt and the outline of whatever I'm printing fine, but shortly after it starts filling in the outline on the first layer it just starts making a line go back and forth over the same part until I cancel the print. The coordinates on the display keep changing though like it thinks the X axis is still moving, but it's not.

I've tried different SD cards, different models, old gcode that printed fine in the past, re-slicing on different versions of Cura, reflashing the mainboard, reseated every cable/connector, and prayer and none of it has fixed the issue. I'm kind of thinking it's something wrong with the 1.1.5 boards.

I'm suffering the exact same issue.

  • Ender 5
  • Upgraded to 1.1.5 silent board with Merlin 1.1.8

Various prints are fine when printed directly via SD, but when trying to print via OctoPrint/USB, the problems occur. Works for the first layer or two, then completely loses Y access and I get a horizontal blob like the others have already shown in the photos.

It does sound like it could potentially be the serial buffer size that others have reported. I'm going to have to do some serious YouTubing to find a step-by-step process on how to upgrade Merlin to 1.1.9 and increase the buffer size.

Does anyone have a direct URL to walk me through the process? I've not done any 3d printer board flashing, so will need to start from scratch.

Hi, my first post.

I have just bought the Ender-5 silent, and can confirm that the Y-axis issue has NOTHING to do with the Octopi.

Why do I say this? Because during the very first test print I did printing a stock gcode off the SD card, the Y-axis hooked up. I have never connected the printer to Octopi, although that is part of the plan.

Based on other's experience, I would guess that it hasn't happened while printing from the SD card ....... yet

It is most likely a firmware issue?
I've printed other prints, but did not experience any Y axis freeze.

Hope this helps

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That's what I've been suggesting. The forums out there suggest that this is the Ender itself or its firmware.

Thanks ld2003, I'm going to try the marlin firmware upgrade and increasing the serial buffers. Thanks for sharing.

For anyone landing here because of this issue, I started a reddit (megathread?) on it, hoping to collect more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/ender5/comments/e4q3ry/yaxis_lockup_ender_5_pro_silent_board_115_marlin/

all sort of random comments all over facebook groups as well, which was not conducive to any solution.

I realize it is not an octoprint issue so there is probably some pressure to get the discussion off here :slight_smile:


I am running Creality 1.1.5 and Klipper Firmware on OctoPrint. I can confirm that it randomly stops midprint. When it stops I move the y motor manually, it does not have any resistance whatsoever. It seems that it had lost power from the board.

Hi.. I have compiled a Marlin version 2.0 firmware for use with the Ender-5. You can download it here: https://github.com/silver65/Ender-5

I have also posted my link on the reddit forum. More info there on thermal runaway protection etc....

I was having lockups using Prus Slic3r. Now that is all behind me.

Good Luck

Just to jump in, and I know I'm late to this. But I created an account to reply exactly this post.
If you're still having problems, it's likely nothing you've done or can fix with configuration changes.

I have an Ender 5 Pro, and just got up and running with OctoPrint, and was having the exact same problems. I'd lose my Y Axis mid print, and Octopi would lose connectivity to my printer. Turns out the issue wasn't Octopi itself, or my printer. Rather, it's the 5v line on the USB cable and the fun that is Raspberry Pi undervolting/browning out.

To see if your printer is drawing power from your Octopi (and if you're watching the logs, to see if you get undervolt warnings) do the following: With your Octopi plugged in to your printer, turn off the power to your printer. Does the control display stay on? If so, it's getting its power from your Raspberry Pi's USB, which in turn is undervolting the USB chip (unless you have a nice and beefy power supply for your printer, and even then...). The simplest way to solve this is to put electrical tape over Pin 1 of the USB cable (staring at the USB A end, the pin on the right). There are other methods out there you can look up. But stopping your printer display from pulling power from your raspberry pi will do wonders for stability.