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This is the right place to get help with or questions answered about anything OctoPrint or OctoPi.

This includes questions about general operation, problems with your current setup, weird issues you don't really know how to classify but are only observed with OctoPrint.

If you seek help with networking, webcam, electronics or slicer topics, please use the corresponding sub categories!

For questions regarding third party plugins, please use the #plugins category instead.

For any questions regarding core or plugin development, please use the #development category instead.

Please always make sure to

  • use the search first - your problem or question might have already been discussed and solved before, or there might be a megatopic fitting your issue in which case please use that instead of opening the 100th topic on wifi troubles...

  • make sure you are running the latest version of OctoPrint - whatever you are encountering might be a bug or annoyance that has already been fixed in the latest version

  • make sure your problem isn't caused by a malfunctioning third party plugin by running OctoPrint in safe mode.

  • use a descriptive title - summarize your topic or question in a handful of words so that someone scanning through the latest topics will immediately know if that is something they might be able to help you with. "It doesn't work" is not descriptive, "Can't get Randombrand Somemodel webcam to work on OctoPi 0.14" is.

  • provide as much information as possible - at a minimum a Systeminfo Bundle, but also screenshots, further log files (enabled serial.log if it's an issue with your printer, /var/log/webcamd.log if it's an issue with your webcam on OctoPi, ...), your setup including what printer with what firmware you have, and so on. The more information the higher the chances you'll get helped quickly.

  • do not post from your mobile or while on the go or otherwise rushed - we want to help you but for that we need your cooperation. That starts with taking the time to actually collect the requested systeminfo bundle and other information, to describe your problem thoroughly and to also be able to test suggestions and give feedback in a timely manner. If you are nowhere near your printer and only on mobile, chances are (and experience has shown) that you will not be able to do all that.

  • be patient and friendly - if someone can help you, they will. Bumping a topic and screaming for attention will not get you help any faster, probably the opposite.

  • do not open more than one topic for the same issue - you are only making it harder for people wanting to help you if you force them to constantly switch topics. Just stick to "one topic per topic".

  • mark a solved topic as solved - once your problem is solved or your question answered, mark the answer as the solution to your problem. That way you help others encountering the same problem or question in the future to quickly find the solution: