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OctoPrint tells me I have an update available but I can't apply it 1 November 24, 2017
I want to access my OctoPrint installation from the internet but I only want people I know to be able to see anything 1 November 24, 2017
Why is there no access control for the webcam in OctoPrint? 1 November 24, 2017
Why doesn't OctoPrint show me the current hotend position anywhere? 1 November 24, 2017
OctoPrint won't cancel when my printer is heating up! 1 November 24, 2017
OctoPrint doesn't work when connecting via HTTPS 1 November 24, 2017
Starting OctoPrint with sudo/as root tells me "You should not run OctoPrint as root!" - why? 1 November 23, 2017
OctoPrint can't connect to my printer 1 November 23, 2017
Does OctoPrint support Makerbot or Flashforge printers? 1 November 23, 2017
I cannot update/switch branches or install plugins, I get something about permissions 1 November 23, 2017
What are the default webcam URLs in OctoPrint on OctoPi? 1 November 23, 2017